Our team of experts will be in charge of the international business management of your company in outsourcing the export department. You will take over on behalf of your company to search for customers, distributors, agents and other business partners without having to bear high fixed costs.

Some of the services included are:

  • Design and development of export aid and internationalization services in all its phases: initiation (export), consolidation (internationalization) and implementation (external).
  • Design of an Internationalization Plan.
  • Preparation of Market Studies and Feasibility Plans.
  • Outsourcing the export department (or creating an export department).
  • Business agendas and contact lists.
  • Destination trade missions and reverse trading missions.
  • Organization and accompaniment at international fairs.
  • Internationalization methodology, individual and grouped.
  • Design of programs for the promotion of business cooperation.
  • Evaluation and monitoring of export support programmes.
  • We draft and negotiate international contracts.
  • Technical advice on specific projects.
  • International online positioning.
  • Dynamic social media.
  • We work with public internationalization support entities (regional, state and international) to support companies to increase their presence in international markets.

Please contact us on our contact form and we will present you with an individualized work plan.