International Consulting

JP International Consulting conducts international consulting services and work for companies and organizations in all facets and phases of international trade: export (initiation consultancy), internationalization (consultation consolidation) and external implementation (deepening consultancy).

We offer personalized and global advice on internationalization issues with expert professionals in each department: financial (means of payment and collection), legal and tax (international contracting), organizational (strategic planning, human resources,…), marketing, sales, etc.

The international consulting service is a recommended service to improve your management skills in internationalization and to feel permanently supported during your international career.

Some of our services:

  • Design and development of export aid and internationalization services in all its phases: initiation (export), consolidation (internationalization) and implementation (external).
  • Design of an Internationalization Plan.
  • Preparation of Market Studies and Feasibility Plans.
  • Outsourcing the export department (or creating an export department).
  • Business agendas and contact lists.
  • Destination trade missions and reverse trading missions.
  • Organization and accompaniment at international fairs.
  • Internationalization methodology, individual and grouped.
  • Design of programs for the promotion of business cooperation.
  • Evaluation and monitoring of export support programmes.
  • We draft and negotiate international contracts.
  • Technical advice on specific projects.
  • International online positioning.
  • Dynamic social media.
  • We work with public internationalization support entities (regional, state and international) to support companies to increase their presence in international markets.

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